Anthony Aichner was born in 1982, however, his birth name was Franklin Abraham Bourgeois. In 1984 he was adopted by the Aichner family and his name was then changed to Anthony James Aichner. Anthony grew up in Hessville which is located in North West Indiana where he attended Morton Senior High School. Anthony was a class clown growing up as a child, he loved to goof around and have fun. He also loved playing sports of any kind, as well as drawing, and playing playing guitar. However, Anthonys childhood was not normal to say the least. He endured many different forms of abuse ranging from verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and mental abuse. He kept quiet as a child about these things fearing judgment, and feeling ashamed of himself.  In 1996, Anthony endured his last physical altercation with his mother when she hit him over the head with a coffee mug spliting his head open giving him 4 stitches. He grabbed a duffle bag filled it with clothing and a couple books and ran away. From there Anthony lived under a nearby bridge for a couple of months while going to school and washing up in a local library. Bouncing around from house to house and living with different friends until he graduated Highschool. During this time it was then that Anthony felt the desire to make something of himself while getting mentored by friends from Church. In 2001, Anthony met his biological parents, but never really gained a relationship with them. His biological father passed away from cancer before he could build a relationship with him, and that left another gapping hole in his heart seeing that he never reconciled with him. The road that Anthony has been down has most definitly been a rough one. However everything that he has been through has left a scar that he feels is a battle scar. A battle scar that Anthony feels gives him experience, has made him stronger, more determined, extremely passionate, wise, focused and valueing life more than ever before.  Hundreds of battles, thousands of stories, pools of tears, hundreds of wounds, scars on top of scars, blood shed (literally), beaten, bruised, loved, hated, and led by God has made Anthony................"A man on Fire". He is who he is because of who he was........This my friends in a nutshell is Anthony James Aichner AKA  "A man on Fire"